Galveston Deep Sea Fishing – How to Have the Best Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Galveston Texas

Galveston Island is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, USA. It has an approximate population of 60,000. The city is very popular for all kinds of fishing adventures especially deep sea fishing which is the most expensive.

Deep sea fishing attracts people from all walks of life to the city of Galveston. Fishing trips are organized through out the week. These trips are expected to be very exciting. That means a peaceful expedition with good fishing. There are some adequate preparations that need to be made by those going on the trip to achieve this goal.

First of all, determine what type of boat is needed for the trip. There are many types of fishing boat that go deep sea fishing. The size of the boat will determine the distance to go. The farther the boat goes the better the chances of catching all kinds of fish which are not heavily restricted by the State of Texas. Go for the boat that goes about 100 miles to sea.

Another important area to consider is the fishing route. These boats have special fishing routes. Ask the guide about the routes. They can tell you what kind of fish to expect on the routes. That will determine which boat to prefer. Boats that stop by oil rigs in the water and shrimp boats create better chances for good fishing. Oil rig or platform is a large structure used to house workers and machinery needed to drill wells in the ocean bed. The shade under the platform attracts a lot of fish and this is a great spot for fishing boats. Shrimp boats usually stay at sea for days. They fish at night and rest at daytime. All kinds of fish like wahoo, tuna, sail fish, king fish and sharks gather around the boat to feed on shrimp waste poured into the sea. That makes it an excellent target for fishing. However, good fishing will depend on the weather. Fishing is done through out the year but a gloomy weather can determine where the boat goes and how far it goes.

Time is factor here. Be on time. Most of these boats live the port of Galveston between 5am-6am. They are not ready to wait for any late comer. They have to be at their target at the exact time. If you are not able to get to Galveston before the departure time, then try to get there a day or two earlier.

Look forward to having a peaceful fishing adventure. That means no arguments and confusion.

You might be joining an unknown group or you might be going with your group. It is much easier going with your group, but if you do not go with your group, then make it a habit to be nice to everybody on board.

The fishing team needs to be very nice to the fishing guide. Share food and drinks (not alcohol) with them.

They could extend the fishing time like they usually do to friendly groups.

Be careful of seasickness. This can ruin the adventure trip. There are many over the counter and prescription medicines or other methods meant to counter seasickness. Some of them are Dramamine, Bonine and Antivert. Some have side effects. Do seek advice from medical expects before using some of them. Ginger is considered the best natural remedy to sea sickness. Ginger capsules and real ginger root are believed to dissolve into the bloodstream very fast.Raw ginger is very common in many stores in Galveston. Other ginger product like ginger tea and ginger sweet could be of help but the most reliable is the hot ginger root.

The area that creates confusion after the days’ catch is the “biggest fish rule” Most deep sea fishing boats tend to keep the biggest catch without informing the fishing crew. Kindly ask the guide what fish they intend to keep and let all the fishermen be pleased with the outcome. This will ensure a very smooth ride back.

Finally, you can ask the captain a favor. Find out if he could let you steer the boat for a few minutes.

Most captains allow their fishing crew to practice under their surveillance. Remember to have a camera to record this.

This information will enable people interested in deep sea fishing in Galveston Texas to have the best time at sea.

Start a Cruise Travel Home Business

Cruise Travel Home Business:

You’ve gone on your first or your 100th cruise and loved it. Did you ever consider starting a cruise travel agency? You enjoy the searching for the perfect cruise for yourself and everyone around you. You like setting up and taking care of all the arrangements. If this sounds exciting and fun, why not profit from it, and start your own travel agency.

The travel industry currently shows $4 trillion annually spent in flights, cruises, cars, hotels and more. The amount is expected to continue growing as more people are living in two-income families and have access to more money. Why not take part of the $4 trillion for yourself, and let your travel home business pay for your next cruise.

If you have considered starting a home business, but are afraid to quit your full-time job, a travel home business is just right for you. You can start the business part time, and expand it slowly or quickly. No matter what the reason, this is a pajama job that will grow quickly and show results almost immediately.

Starting a cruise travel home business does have start up costs. Depending on the route you take to open your business will affect the start up cost of your home business, however, many have only minimal costs. These start up costs include national organization fees, software fees, and possibly affiliation fees, depending on how you want to work your business. You have many options available.

The first step is to start researching the the industry. Check out all websites and books published by National Organizations affiliated with travel and cruise agents, such as the National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents. These resources will give you information on affiliation with a parent travel agency as an independent contractor, and steps on how to pursue a travel home business from the ground up.

Either way you decide to go, it is best to create a brief general business plan. You can download a sample business plan from the Small Business Administration website, or go to the local office for a copy. This plan will help you understand what you will need to do to be successful and how to budget for profit. This plan is dynamic and ever changing and should be updated frequently.

Becoming affiliated with a large travel agency gives your business a few benefits. Some of the benefits include the reservation software training, support, updates, newsletters, and industry best practices. They have established industry connections all you need to do is find travelers.

Your travel agency will usually take off quickly, when associated with a large parent travel agency. You do not have to worry about setting prices for your services either. The parent company will set the prices and you will receive up to 50% of each reservation you book. This takes the anxiety and frustration out of worrying about profits and losses you have to contend with when setting your own prices.

The other option requires more work. You research reservation software, and talk to companies within the industry to establish connections. This option can have a higher start up cost and will take longer to show a profit for two main reasons. Until you get comfortable with the pricing of your services, you will have a trial and error phase that can create losses to your cruise travel agency. But once you get the hang of it, the profit is yours. Second, you have to contact hotels, car rental companies, airlines, cruise lines, and such and build relationships, which can take time.

However, it is not important which way you decide to start your travel agency. You will receive benefits as well as profits. These benefits may be better if you work with a travel agency but you get benefits either way. These benefits include up to 50% discounts on hotels and vacation packages, up to 70% discount on cruises, and much more.

If you decide to expand your travel agency to include other types of travel, it is much easier when associated with a larger travel agency. If you built your cruise travel home business yourself, you will need to make more contacts and create new relationships to be able to compete.

Now you have some information about a cruise travel home business. You need to look at industry periodicals, books, and websites to decide on your next step. In any event, this cruise travel home business will have your vacations and cruises paid for by your clients at discounted rates. For those who love to travel this business is perfect.

Why Men Get Rejected and 3 Dating Tips For Men Who Want A 2nd Date

I remember when I first started online dating.

It wasn’t hard for me to get women to meet up with me. But for some reason, whenever I called to set up another, I would never hear from them. I think I must have had a 95% rejection rate, and the other 5% of women bored me to death.

The part that confused me the most was that in my mind, I didn’t even think the dates went that bad! The women were polite, conversation went well, and they looked like they were having fun. What was going wrong?

Was it my acne? Was I too nervous? Did I need to be more of a bad boy to attract them? Or was it because I came off a little gay?

Probably all of these played a role in most of the women rejecting me. But there was ONE MAJOR factor that didn’t even occur to me.

This factor is the reason why most men (and women) get rejected. And it had nothing to do with me.

The reason is TIME.

It’s easy to agree to a first date– in fact first dates are quite thrilling. Think about the anticipation of meeting someone new, that rush that goes up and down your spine of knowing that anything could happen.

After the date, though, reality sets in. You know who this person is, so the anticipation is gone. Then you have to start thinking about whether you want to spend MORE time with this person.

Although most people want a relationship, most forget that it actually can be a HUGE time commitment. How often are you going to see this person? Maybe once a week at the minimum? That’s 1/7 of your spare time, or 14% of your spare time; a lot of time given the fact that you probably also lots of other things to do, other friends, activities, family obligations, etc.

After the first date, women have a choice: see you again, or go back online and meet someone new. That someone new doesn’t have to be anyone spectacular– remember that it’s the novelty of meeting someone new that creates the adrenaline, not the person. If you’re not giving women a rush yourself, which option do you think she’s going to choose?

It’s not that women didn’t like me, it’s just that they didn’t like me enough to want to make that sort of time commitment.

When this occurred to me, I started taking a much different approach to dating. Here are three dating tips for men that you can take on how YOU can get a second date. These dating tips for men are kind of shocking and some readers are going to think I’m nuts– but they are effective.

DATING TIP FOR MEN #1: Stop caring about the outcome so much. After going on nineteen dates that ended in rejection, I started to figure “if they’re not going to be interested in me anyway, I might as well speak my mind!” This worked remarkably well. In fact, I started having fun with it, and women started seeing me as having confidence and not neediness.

DATING TIP FOR MEN #2: Started having sex with women on the first date. You heard me. Ballsy right? Well, I got over my guilt around sex and realized that it’s okay to want to have sex with women. In short, I got clear about what I want. And if I was only going to get one chance, I might as well do it on the first date!

Surprisingly, many women did have sex with me (because I was also following dating tip for men #1). Even more surprisingly, many of these women wanted a relationship. To this date, I have seldom had a relationship with a woman who I didn’t have sex with on the first date.

DATING TIP FOR MEN #3: Remember that time is the number one reason why people (men and women) get rejected, and live in the moment on your date.

Those are only three dating tips for men on how to get a second date– but they are more important than any dating tip for men on what to dress or where to eat. If you have the balls to follow just these three dating tips for men, you will turn your game around with women.

Starting a Restaurant – Business Cards

When you start a new restaurant you have to look at every possible way that you can think of to promote and advertise your new venture. Business cards are one excellent low-cost method of doing this and in this article we offer some tips on business card design for a restaurant business and we consider why this form of promotion is so important.

The Importance of Business Cards to a Restaurant

1) They allow you to casually get your message across to people that you meet on an everyday basis.

2) They are a marketing tool that enables restaurant owners to appear credible and professional when they meet people in both business and social situations. As well as offering polite details about who you are and what you do business cards can also be a kind of mobile advertisement that customers may refer to again and again, show to a taxi driver to direct them to your restaurant and even pass on to friends.

3) Business cards are something that you can hand a diner with their receipt after they have paid and attach to all written correspondence. Don’t hesitate to hand your patrons several cards if you have just opened your restaurant and ask them to spread the word if they were satisfied. Give plenty of personalized cards to employees to and they may proudly hand them around for you as well.

Card Design

You will undoubtedly seek out a professional designer to put your cards together. Here are some things that you may wish to discuss with them.

1) What information should you display? At the basic level you should have names, job titles, contact details and address. You may also consider displaying a photograph, website information and even a small map if you are in a location that is not so obvious. Include your logo on the card and also some kind of slogan if necessary to make it clear as to exactly what kind of restaurant you have.

2) Don’t let the card get too cluttered. You want a card that gets your message across clearly without confusing people.

3) Colors and Shape. Depending on your theme and the market that you are targeting you may consider going with loud colors or an unconventional shape to grab attention.

4) Consider using both sides of the card if you really have a lot of information that you need to display such as a menu or a map.

5) Include some kind of special offer on the card to encourage people to take action and reserve a table as soon as they see it.

Take some time to consider how business cards will fit in with your restaurants marketing efforts. This method of promotion, when used correctly can be a highly effective way to advertise your restaurant on a budget.