8 Ways to Enjoy Tent Camping

Tent camping can be an experience like no other if you prepare and enjoy it well. Of course, location is such a huge factor in making it enjoyable. Just imagine yourself and your family roasting marshmallows on open flame while the cool wind from a nearby lake attempts to overwhelm the heat from the bonfire. However, if you are not well prepared, things can go awry. If you are also not knowledgeable enough in the technically simple chores of camp life, you may also find yourself encountering troubles than fun. To make your tent camping enjoyable, take note of these tips:

1. Allot enough time for the camping trip. If you are just squeezing in this activity in a brief vacation, you will certainly deprive yourself of enough outdoor enjoyment. The great thing about tent camping is that you can have taste of what laid-back life in the outdoors. A two to three-day schedule may not be enough for that.

2. Make a detailed preparation of the camping equipment and gear that you will bring with you. You will have to consider the location and amenities, if it has any. If you are going to a place where there are virtually no modern amenities existing, then you will certainly need a lot more of the basic equipments for the trip.

3. Target an early arrival time at the campsite. By getting there, while the day is still long, you can have enough time to set up your tent and other equipment. You can also roam around to check out the best location for your tent.

4. Bring things that can make you sleep comfortably. Sleep is probably the hardest thing to do in tent camping. Wild imaginations can bother you a lot because of a strange environment. This can be lessened if you feel very comfortable as you try to sleep.

5. List a number of activities you can do and realize it. Camping is not just eating and sleeping outdoors. Nature has so much more to offer than its fresh air. Have an adventure trek in the woods. Try crossing the lake with a canoe or swim by the banks.

6. Bring a little surplus of food. One of the worst things that can happen in a camping trip is when it is cut short for lack of food. If you think you did not bring enough, alternate your menu with fish taken from the lake or river near your campsite.

7. Be aware of things that can do harm to you. You should know enough of plants or animals that are poisonous or itchy. Avoid these while you are in camp. You are quite far from immediate medical attention so be more alert against accidents.

8. Clean up the place well when leaving. Make sure that the spot that you set up camp appears nearly the way it was when you arrive.

Safari Tour in India Can Be Very Adventurous

India presents various options to enjoy the exhilarating adventure of safari tour. Jungle and desert are very popular option of safari tour in India. Adventure seekers can explore the unexplored trails of country side, forest or desert. India is also famous for providing the experiences of horse, elephant and tiger safari. People from different parts of globe visit India to experience the adventurous safari.

Visit the popular wildernesses where are options for jungle safari. On can visit popular national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and protected reserves on India Jungle safari tour. Jungle safari is not just walking a portion of jungle rather it is walking in any part of jungle according to your wish. Tiger, jeep and elephant safari are the means to enjoy wandering in the wilderness. Jeep safari is very popular as people can easily find open jeeps near the jungles and comfortable travel in the jungle. You can also enjoy camping in the wild jungles and take a walk through nature. The tour operators that provide options for jungle safari will give you guidelines to walk in jungle. They will also provide you tricks for safely walking the forest.

Tiger safari is mainly undertaken by the tiger lovers. They take a tour to jungle to spot majestic tigers. Ranthambhore, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Kaziranga, Manas, Jim Corbett, Kanha, Bandhavgarh National Parks etc are famous for tiger safari trip in India. Elephant riding is very famous in the jungles. One can enjoy spotting animals sitting on the back of giant elephant in popular Kaziranga and Periyar National Parks. Safari is the best way to explore exotic flora and fauna during wildlife tour India. These places are very famous for elephant safari. One can also enjoy elephant safari Jaipur, Himalayan Regions and Haridwar.

Adventure seekers can also enjoy the experience of riding powerful high breed horses. Some of the popular destinations for India horse safari tour are Rajasthan, Bangalore, Mysore, Madikeri, Hassan, Belur and some cities of Uttar Pradesh. Take a long trip sitting on the back of study horse. The horses are groomed beautifully. A comfortable cushion is provided on the back of the camel to let you enjoy best of the horse safari tour. Plan a tour to India to enjoy the adventure of safari. There is wide scope to make safari more and more adventurous in India.

The Green Tortoise Adventure: From San Francisco to Exciting Places

One day my friend Rosie Ashamalla recommended me to seriously ponder about an organization, called “Green Tortoise”, which is well-known for its amazing trips to outstanding places in the Midwest. I was nicely persuaded by this idea and decided upon taking the journey to the Grand Canyon, which ought to be the primary goal of this unforgettable trip.

After the mandatory administrative “bureaucrazy” had been successfully mastered, we were ready to go. Being a fairly international group, we were squeezed together in a somehow convertible bus that was equipped with a portable kitchen which could be easily applied to different outdoor situations.

The interior of this bus turned out to be eye-opening, since there weren’t any regular seats but the passengers had to lie on the ground with mattresses whilst facing each other. Some people even dared to choose a tiny place right beneath the roof. The bags and other luggage were safely stored upon the bus. During the often long-lasting driving, water was available in coolers and food was bought due to the necessity of a break.

The first night we slept on the bus, while Wade, an open-minded American fellow got us to a spot in the desert of Utah, where we for the first time – practiced the philosophy of outdoor cooking in midst a tidbit of shade donated by our vehicle. There, we prepared blueberry pancake, delicious fruits, coffee, and tea to mention only few attractive comestibles.

The basic principle was to assist in the cooking procedure as well as to clean up afterwards. This way of traveling was completely new to me; it didn’t ring a bell having ever experienced such a journey, emphasizing the feeling of community so strongly.

Then we continued to Needles, where we enjoyed a quick dip in the exceptionally blue Colorado River. It was superb to get a free watery refreshment strengthening our muscles for the upcoming activities. At this occasion I could already conclude, that nudity would from now on naturally belong to the daily program of such stopovers. Our nightspot was to be found near the Colorado River, where we had been surrounded by mountains and a clean sandy beach. I definitely loved these precious hours by gazing at the fancy blinking stars, seemingly detecting far away galaxies and pondering about the miracles of astrology.

Eventually, we approached the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (elevation: 7,000 ft.) where we hit the hay on a legal campground facing another great event which was on its way shortly: descending the rim down to the very bottom of the marvelous Canyon – still an imagination that was too thrilling than being reality soon. Before we got our bearings together for hiking some essential aspects had to be clarified: first of all our group consisting of about 20 people was to be split into 3 teams with each of them choosing a different tour. Wade, our driver, suggested to participate in a lottery, which primarily registered me for the Bright Angel trail.

However, I did not accept that choice and volunteered for the more off-beaten pathway, called Hermit’s Rest. So I ended up belonging to the “Smiley Faces” with Nicoletta (Italian), Philip (French), Heinz (German), and the Japanese guy. A third group had been formed to walk on the Indian Garden trail. Anyway, I was extremely glad having selected Hermit’s Rest, because this trail was described as traditional, rough, and far away from tourists. Besides, enjoying the natural quietness and the extended wildlife scenery as well as countless spots for contemplation beat everything.

The most exciting thing was the historical date of realizing this unique adventure: 8/8/88 – another event of the century. Fulfilling the obligation to be equipped with sufficient water jugs when climbing down the rim was the last but vital prerequisite which we had to comply with. It took us approximately seven hours of endless happiness to get down to heaven, i.e. the Colorado River with its torrential floods. Having made it so far, we satisfactorily sat down on almost untouched nature and absorbed this incredible feeling of beauty. Though our bones ached a lot, we didn’t want to spoil the moment and allowed ourselves a bath in a nearby water spot, ready for rejuvenation. Of course, we would know for sure, that we had to get back to the top of the rim but we were not fully aware of the efforts to come; nevertheless we felt being on cloud nine and were highly motivated to even master this task.

We were happily welcomed at our bus and headed on to Desert View, where we stopped for dinner and a gorgeous sight across to the valley of the Gods and the Painted Desert.

Our next stop on the agenda was a holy and sacred place, called Canyon de Shelley, the remains of an ancient civilization. Here we trailed down to the architecturally beautiful and nicely detailed homes of former Indian tribes. Our nightspot ought to be an uncommon place this time: since it rained cats and dogs we necessarily stayed in a shed, relishing Taco salad and Tostadas. We got the chance to chat with the local Indians, who seemed to be used having a harsh life, smoking marihuana once in a while and raising their kids in their own strict way.

One highlight still to come was obviously the Monument Valley, which I mostly recalled from famous Western movies starring John Wayne. Unfortunately, this day the whole scenery was temporarily packed with herds of tourists. Thus, I was not able to enjoy the landscape to its full extent.

Zion National park was next on our list of distinctive sites, where we almost managed to go on a horseback riding, but curiously missed it by a few minutes. The unstoppable prediction of the end of our journey caused a melancholic feeling, but was soon distracted by Wade’s idea of tossing up the entire bus, in order to have everything sorted out properly.

Next morning our final destination was Las Vegas, where we briefly dived into the neon madness, attending several gambling halls, losing/winning a few bucks, and trying to classify this last stay with our perceptions so far.

When the time had finally come to say goodbye once we reached the Natoma area again, I definitely realized that I’d been part of another overwhelming trip, which may be characterized as follows: “Variety is the spice of life”.