Cultural Differences Between Thai Women and Filipina Women

For a lot of Caucasian men looking to date either of the women, there is a great and compelling need to compare them on different grounds. Not that it will make them generally better over each other, but only to have a better look at what makes them unique and special, and what makes them more appealing for the wife-seeking Westerner.

The proper way to do a comparison on Thai and Filipina women – and is more justifiable and fair – is not to single out on criteria but to find merits in different things.


One of the first things to look into this comparison is religion. Both countries are highly religious and this has a very huge influence on how they relate with people and basically, how they are as people. While the Philippines remains to be the largest Christian nation in Asia, majority of Thailand is Buddhist. This creates a huge difference between these women.

Thai women tend to be more superstitious and less fanatical about their religion while the Filipina women are more inclined to bring home several statuettes of her favorite saint, keep a rosary in her bag and hang another in the rearview mirror.

But this trait of religiosity makes them very respectful and family-loving women, as their faith dictates them to be.

Adaptability to Western Culture

Both countries do not have any problem dealing with westerners. The Philippines, having been subject to American rule for years and an honest to goodness fan of anything American, and Thailand, being a favorite hub of westerners, women from both countries will not shy away from a western guest.

In fact, westerners will find it amazing that the pop cultures of both nations are heavily laced with western influence in just about everything. Compared to their neighbors in Vietnam or Indonesia or even China, these two countries will more easily adapt to a foreign culture. A foreign guy would likely not have any problem introducing either women to his hometown; au contraire, she might even enjoy it more than anyone would expect.

English Language Proficiency

Language makes up a huge part in an interracial marriage. And this is where Filipina women get the advantage over their Thai counterparts. Most people in the Philippines, even those belonging to the so-called marginalized sector of the society, can speak English and can carry on a conversation better than most Thai people.

A foreign man would find it in his convenience to date a Filipina woman if he does not have the patience in lingering silence and other forms of language-related miscommunications.

Social Relations

Because Thailand is a richer country than the Philippines, most foreign men find Thai women more urbane in a sense. Women in Thailand are more adept at socializing, and they look the part! Some foreign men just shy away at having to teach their Filipina wives how to look and act more sociable and urban.

Both types of women are beautiful and wonderful in their own right – with the Thais and their skinny physique, high cheekbones and smaller eyes, and the Filipinas and their petite stature, curvier bodies and rounder, almond eyes. They also bear their own signature of warmth and friendliness: the more discreet kind for Thais and a more boisterous and fun-sounding Filipinas. For a comparison to give more justice to these amazing women, it takes more than just taking general notes but to actually experience meeting women from both countries.