Why Men Get Rejected and 3 Dating Tips For Men Who Want A 2nd Date

I remember when I first started online dating.

It wasn’t hard for me to get women to meet up with me. But for some reason, whenever I called to set up another, I would never hear from them. I think I must have had a 95% rejection rate, and the other 5% of women bored me to death.

The part that confused me the most was that in my mind, I didn’t even think the dates went that bad! The women were polite, conversation went well, and they looked like they were having fun. What was going wrong?

Was it my acne? Was I too nervous? Did I need to be more of a bad boy to attract them? Or was it because I came off a little gay?

Probably all of these played a role in most of the women rejecting me. But there was ONE MAJOR factor that didn’t even occur to me.

This factor is the reason why most men (and women) get rejected. And it had nothing to do with me.

The reason is TIME.

It’s easy to agree to a first date– in fact first dates are quite thrilling. Think about the anticipation of meeting someone new, that rush that goes up and down your spine of knowing that anything could happen.

After the date, though, reality sets in. You know who this person is, so the anticipation is gone. Then you have to start thinking about whether you want to spend MORE time with this person.

Although most people want a relationship, most forget that it actually can be a HUGE time commitment. How often are you going to see this person? Maybe once a week at the minimum? That’s 1/7 of your spare time, or 14% of your spare time; a lot of time given the fact that you probably also lots of other things to do, other friends, activities, family obligations, etc.

After the first date, women have a choice: see you again, or go back online and meet someone new. That someone new doesn’t have to be anyone spectacular– remember that it’s the novelty of meeting someone new that creates the adrenaline, not the person. If you’re not giving women a rush yourself, which option do you think she’s going to choose?

It’s not that women didn’t like me, it’s just that they didn’t like me enough to want to make that sort of time commitment.

When this occurred to me, I started taking a much different approach to dating. Here are three dating tips for men that you can take on how YOU can get a second date. These dating tips for men are kind of shocking and some readers are going to think I’m nuts– but they are effective.

DATING TIP FOR MEN #1: Stop caring about the outcome so much. After going on nineteen dates that ended in rejection, I started to figure “if they’re not going to be interested in me anyway, I might as well speak my mind!” This worked remarkably well. In fact, I started having fun with it, and women started seeing me as having confidence and not neediness.

DATING TIP FOR MEN #2: Started having sex with women on the first date. You heard me. Ballsy right? Well, I got over my guilt around sex and realized that it’s okay to want to have sex with women. In short, I got clear about what I want. And if I was only going to get one chance, I might as well do it on the first date!

Surprisingly, many women did have sex with me (because I was also following dating tip for men #1). Even more surprisingly, many of these women wanted a relationship. To this date, I have seldom had a relationship with a woman who I didn’t have sex with on the first date.

DATING TIP FOR MEN #3: Remember that time is the number one reason why people (men and women) get rejected, and live in the moment on your date.

Those are only three dating tips for men on how to get a second date– but they are more important than any dating tip for men on what to dress or where to eat. If you have the balls to follow just these three dating tips for men, you will turn your game around with women.

Starting a Restaurant – Business Cards

When you start a new restaurant you have to look at every possible way that you can think of to promote and advertise your new venture. Business cards are one excellent low-cost method of doing this and in this article we offer some tips on business card design for a restaurant business and we consider why this form of promotion is so important.

The Importance of Business Cards to a Restaurant

1) They allow you to casually get your message across to people that you meet on an everyday basis.

2) They are a marketing tool that enables restaurant owners to appear credible and professional when they meet people in both business and social situations. As well as offering polite details about who you are and what you do business cards can also be a kind of mobile advertisement that customers may refer to again and again, show to a taxi driver to direct them to your restaurant and even pass on to friends.

3) Business cards are something that you can hand a diner with their receipt after they have paid and attach to all written correspondence. Don’t hesitate to hand your patrons several cards if you have just opened your restaurant and ask them to spread the word if they were satisfied. Give plenty of personalized cards to employees to and they may proudly hand them around for you as well.

Card Design

You will undoubtedly seek out a professional designer to put your cards together. Here are some things that you may wish to discuss with them.

1) What information should you display? At the basic level you should have names, job titles, contact details and address. You may also consider displaying a photograph, website information and even a small map if you are in a location that is not so obvious. Include your logo on the card and also some kind of slogan if necessary to make it clear as to exactly what kind of restaurant you have.

2) Don’t let the card get too cluttered. You want a card that gets your message across clearly without confusing people.

3) Colors and Shape. Depending on your theme and the market that you are targeting you may consider going with loud colors or an unconventional shape to grab attention.

4) Consider using both sides of the card if you really have a lot of information that you need to display such as a menu or a map.

5) Include some kind of special offer on the card to encourage people to take action and reserve a table as soon as they see it.

Take some time to consider how business cards will fit in with your restaurants marketing efforts. This method of promotion, when used correctly can be a highly effective way to advertise your restaurant on a budget.

How You Could Be An Environmentally Friendly Hotel Guest

The running of a large hotel, with its huge amount of hotel supplies and energy use, can have a fairly large negative impact on the environment. So much so that there are now many green hotels that use renewable energy resources when possible and other resources in more environmentally friendly ways.

These hotels are becoming more and more widespread, but there is still a long way to go before every hotel adopts this greener outlook. So what if there are no green hotels where you are staying? How can you do your bit to help the environment while away from home?

Well, even in a regular hotel, there are still ways in which you can help the environment, by using hotel supplies like hotel linen more conscientiously:

1) Whenever you are out of your room, make sure everything is fully turned off. This includes lights, TV, radio, heating and air conditioning. There are many people who abuse this, simply because they are not footing the electrical bill.

2) Bring a plug in night light from home and use this instead of leaving the room light on all night.

3) If the hotel is promoting any kind of recycling effort, make sure you join in.

4) If the hotel offers complimentary newspapers, either try and pass them along to someone else once you are finished with them, or try and recycle them some other way. You can either ask the management if they recycle papers or even bring them home with you and recycle them with your own papers.

5) Keep the wrapper intact and bring home the hotel soap; otherwise it will only go to waste once you leave.

6) Conserve water in the same way you would at home. Try and take short showers and don’t leave the water running while cleaning your teeth.

7) Most hotel lobbies offer a wide selection of tourist brochures. If you don’t need them, don’t take them. You can even return ones you have used to the rack instead of dropping them in a bin somewhere. This is a waste of paper.

8) Don’t pour water or take food that you don’t intend to drink or eat. Some hotels offer free self-service breakfast buffets in which you can pile your plate as high as you like. Some people do this just because they can, and end up leaving half the food they put on their plate. If you aren’t all that hungry, leave the food for someone who is.

9) Bring your own reusable mug rather than using several disposable plastic ones.

You can even ask the hotel not to change your sheets and towels every day. It isn’t particularly necessary to do this, hotels just do it as part of their service, as a courtesy. While some may be hesitant to break from policy, others should understand your requirements.

As you can see, a lot of these use common sense. Others simply involve reusing hotel supplies as you would your own at home. They may seem like small things but they can make a difference if enough people make an effort.